Speech signal enhancement

vicPURE is a software library for improving audio capture in the communications field

vicPURE is based on 20 years of experience in the field of signal processing and more than 130 customer projects in the industrial and automotive environment. We offer professional quality and know how to solve acoustic problems.

What does vicPURE voice offer?


The acoustic echo cancellation is VDA approved and enables full-duplex communication even under difficult conditions


Automatic noise cancellation eliminates both quasi-stationary and non-stationary interference


Adaptive beamforming supports variable microphone configurations and automatically adjusts to existing environmental conditions



Automatic source localization detects speech-like sources even in noisy environments and follows the detected source in real time


The speech interface provides offline speech recognition and speech synthesis and is tuned to the existing algorithms


The dialog manger links the various input modalities and knowledge bases with the customers' application logic.



The integrated audio manager allows flexible connections of a variety of audio sources and sinks


The In-Car Communication Module secures communication within passenger compartments

Overview of the vicPURE software library

Feature vicPURE voice




bare metal, Linux, Win, IOS, Android

Echo cancellation

Full duplex, wideband, hands-free with full duplex echo cancellation, with attenuation >50 dB

Noise suppression

Conventionally as well as DNN based, quasi- and non-stationary noise


adaptive beamforming with free geometry

Automatic source localization

Dynamic speaker localization and -tracking

Audio Manager

Convenient management and configuration of audio sources, creation of audio scenarios

Conversational Interface

Full text ASR, Neural TTS, Dialog Manager Offline, Cloud or Hybrid

More algorithms

Line echo cancellation, equalizer, VAD, limiter, noise gate, sample rate conversion, etc.


Porting, Integration, Customization, Setup, Acoustic Measurement

Powerful algorithms for infotainment and intercom applications

Let vicPURE do it for you.

The extensive functions cover all typical use cases in the automotive and intercom environment. Let us inspire you.

Choose your suitable evaluation kit.

vicDIVA -
Evaluation Kit for Speech Detection in Space

  • Evaluation kit for algorithms for robust detection of speech signals in the far field
  • Suppression of background noise as well as unwanted room influences such as reverberation and reflections
  • Manual spatial alignment of signal acquisition or alternatively automatic speaker localization
  • Low audio latency and high speech signal quality

vicCOM -
Evaluation kit for hands-free solutions

  • System kit for devices with hands-free function
    in HD audio
  • Acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), noise reduction (NR) and intelligent speech scales
  • Signal conditioning for microphone and
    loudspeaker signal
  • Use and management of different
    parameter sets


We would be happy to provide you with an evaluation kit or prepare a test deployment of our vicPURE voice library for your platform:

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Signal processing

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vicPURE convinces!

vicPURE enables crystal-clear communication whether in a car, commercial vehicle or in your call station. For many years, vicPURE has been the foundation for thousands of hands-free kits, infotainment solutions, hearing aids and intercoms. Well-known manufacturers rely on vicPURE to provide their customers with outstanding audio quality.